Dawson, Jessica. "A Tasty Malian Stew." The Washington Post (May 15, 2003) C5.

"But the most interesting works on view are those faithful to the country's traditional art forms: A wall of bogolan , or mud cloth, paintings boasts marvelously detailed patterns made from clay-stained cloth. I've never seen so many shades of brown."


MacCash, Doug. "Beneath the Surface." The Times Picayune (March 10, 2002) F-1, F-10. Two page interview with the artist on "African" art.


Rhea, Tom. "Marks in Clay: Kalidou Sy at the Uptown Café." Bloomington Independent 17 (October 18, 2001).

"The whole color range is so close that the piece feels like sculpture. The painted gray feels soft, damp and receptive like a bed of clay. The transparencies of bled-through color open a third dimension in the space. The objects appear to float over one another as if in a shadow box. . . ."